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High Traffic Hand Sanitizer Station w/ 10 Gallons Gel Sanitizer

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High Traffic - Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizing Stand w/ 2x 5 Gallons Gel Sanitizer Jerricans

  1. Drip tray with removable bin protects floor surfaces
  2. Additional space at the bottom of the cabinet to store second 5 Gallon refill
  3. Keyed lock restricts access
  4. Accepts various sizes of refill including most standard half-gallon (2L), 1 gallon (4L) bottles, and 5 gallons (23L) pails
  5. Foot pedal prevents hand contact
  6. Rugged construction suitable for harsh high traffic environments
  7. Signage included
  8. Signage customization available for orders of 50 or more units, extra lead time may apply
  9. Measures 22 1/4” deep x 16 1/2” wide x 61” high


Our industrial size hand sanitizing station is perfect for crowded places, large gatherings, or where there is contact with other people.

The rugged construction insures hand hygiene in environments such as schools, universities, public transport, government buildings, supermarkets and public spaces.  It can also be used to refill portable hand sanitizer containers, reducing the use of plastic and insuring each individual is keeping good hand hygiene

Hand Sanitizer Refills: