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(2-Pack) Rectangle One Way Floor Decal

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  • Comes in cases of 100 Decals
  • Rectangle - White Vinyl Floor Decal (removable adhesive)
  • 7" Wide x 22" Long
  • Blue Color


Interior applications only, no outside use - up to 3 months inside. Removable up to 120 days following application. A slight residue may be left on some surfaces. Application Temp Minimum of +50ºF.

Apply only to clean, dry, smooth floor surfaces. Graphic will not conform well to rough or dirty surfaces.

Designed to be applied to smooth surfaces including: waxed & non-waxed commercial PVC tile, certain ceramic tile & sealed concrete.


Routine Maintenance:

1. Do not clean or wax floor graphic for at least 24 hrs after application.

2. When selecting a floor wax, insure it meets or exceeds ASTM D 2047 standards for appropriate static coefficient of friction (0.5 min.).

3. Avoid damaging graphics by heavy equipment traffic (fork trucks, pallets, etc.).


NOTE: to avoid risk of injury, immediately remove graphics if any edge or the graphic lifts, and replace with a new graphic. Over lamination has exceeded industry standard for skid resistance on floor surfaces. Material was subjected to the ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D2047). Also meets or exceeds UL 410 standard for slip resistance.